Frank Horvat - Glamour, Models in dresses in Central Park
Frank Horvat
Glamour, Models in dresses in Central Park
Archival Pigment Photograph
1958, Printed Later
31 3/4 x 46 3/4 inches

Editioned 6/12 and signed on recto. Signed, titled, dated and edition 6/12 on verso.

$10,000 to $20,000
Price and availability subject to change
Givenchy Hat A, For Jardin Des Modes, Paris
Givenchy Hat B, For Jardin Des Modes, Paris
Givenchy Hat C, For Jardin Des Modes, Paris
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Pour Harper’s Bazaar, Haute Couture Avec Deborah Dixon (Spaghetti Girl, Rome)
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Dancing Couple, London
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Models Tan & Simone in Subway, Paris
Plastic Lovers, Los Angeles
British Vogue, H (2 Models Front & Back)
New York, Harper's Bazaar
Rome Fashion Harper's Bazaar with Fellini
Harper's Bazaar, Paris (Carol Lobravico)
Gare Saint Lazare, Paris
London Dog Market, C
République Area, Paris
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London, Lambeth - Boxing Boys (Close-Up)
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Djerba, Tunisia, for British Harper's Bazaar, Bathing Suit (B)
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Harper's Bazaar Cover (Umbrella Color)
Glamour, Models in dresses in Central Park
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Vogue Italy (Anastasia)
Vogue Italy A, (Aurelia)
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Givenchy Fashion
British Vogue, Model Margaret
Sascha for Vogue Italy
Vraies Semblances Aurelia
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Paris, for Jardin des Modes, Givenchy Dress at Crazy Horse Saloon
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Cherry Tree Ardèche France
Oaks California
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Olympic Rain Forest