HL Photo Gallery

About HL Photo Gallery

Holden Luntz initiated the HL Photo Gallery site to give further breadth and depth to our sister site Holden Luntz Gallery. This website references our Palm Beach based photography gallery. It is a much broader and more comprehensive website showing a large number of collectable photographs searchable among several parameters. HL Photo Gallery is designed to provide the visitor with a curated experience to view a broad range of collectable classic and contemporary photography. The range in photographers, subject matter, price, size, and period is kaleidoscopic. The common thread is that all the photographers presented have demonstrated a serious commitment to the media, have rich exhibition histories, are widely collectable and have mature bodies of work. We encourage you to visit the site often and are happy to provide any further information or guidance regarding your interest in collecting photography.

About Holden Luntz

Holden Luntz completed his graduate education in film and photography at NYU and has been involved in the world of fine art photography for over three decades. He has curated collections for private collectors, corporations, and foundations. He has written about photography and has served on various museum and foundation boards while also curating numerous exhibitions for either individual photographers or theme based shows. In 1999 Holden Luntz Gallery was founded in Palm Beach, Florida in order to provide a space for the mounting of exhibitions and presentation of fine art photography. The gallery is currently a member of The Art Dealers Association of America and has become a physical destination for fine art photography.