Henri Cartier-Bresson

In 1932, at the age of 24, Henri Cartier-Bresson obtained a Leica camera. This light handheld camera that would eventually acquire legendary status became the extension of his eyes through which...

Living With Art

Explore the possibilities of how photography can create dynamic spaces to live within through images of our clients’ residences, our gallery space, and art fairs.


Welcome to HL Photo Gallery

The ways in which people access information has dramatically changed in the last five years. Now, experienced collectors of fine art photography and those who have a curiosity about this art form rely on the Internet as a tool to familiarize themselves with the fascinating and diverse world of photography.

Holden Luntz Gallery began HL Photo Gallery in 2012 as a way of sharing our extensive collection of photographs with the public. All the images presented are searchable along different criteria, i.e. genre, size, artist, price, etc. Every photograph has been chosen for its quality, importance and photographic merit: they are each very collectable.

We welcome you to search and enjoy the work of Holden Luntz Gallery of Palm Beach, Florida. We opened our gallery over twelve years ago (and have over three decades of experience in working with fine art photography). The gallery has grown significantly and our collector base has become international. HL Photo Gallery welcomes your exploration, inquiries, suggestions, and purchases.

- Holden Luntz