Arthur Elgort

Elgort has a stylistic freedom that allows the spontaneous energy and joy of the moment to be expressed through an image meaning his photographs have the unforced look of a personal snapshot.

Living With Art

Explore the possibilities of how photography can create dynamic spaces to live within through images of our clients’ residences, our gallery space, and art fairs.


Welcome to HL Photo Gallery

Holden Luntz Gallery began HL Photo Gallery in 2012 as a way of sharing our extensive collection of photographs with the larger international community. The original gallery was founded in Palm Beach, Florida in 1999 with the mission of acquiring and presenting the work of significant photographers who have either defined or expanded the parameters of fine art photography. Every photograph has been chosen for its quality, importance, collectability, and photographic merit.

The gallery exhibits a dynamic range of vintage and contemporary American and European photography. The aesthetic range is varied and offers a range from seminal classic photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Horst P. Horst to renowned contemporary photographers such as Harry Benson and Elliot Erwitt. The gallery is a member of the ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America). HL Photo Gallery welcomes your exploration, inquiries, purchases, and suggestions.